TF Heated Modern Frying Pan

TF Heated Modern Frying Pan


Type Frying Pan
Material Stainless Steel
Certification CE Certified
Color Silver
Usage Making Bikaneari Bhujia, Dankoli, Samosa, Halwa, Kachori, Besan, Palak, Boondi
Application Food Industry

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The Top Five Benefits of the Centralized Frying System which was designed, Developed, Manu factw·ed and Communicated for the first time in India for Manufacture of Traditional lndian Snack Foods are under.

  • 50% saving of liquid I gaseous fu el as com pared to tradional n1ethods of nianu facturing.
  • 5 to 7 % savin gs on vegeta ble oil. com pared to traditional Burner Bhatti Method.
  • Considerably uniform finished product quality and quantity.
  • Excellent hygienic conditions in production implements and frying.
  • Comfortable and healthy working environment in the manufacturing area.

The Innovative contents of the 'Cenutralized Frying System are:-

  • High Fuel Saving adlieved by having proper selection of insulating materials and covering the insulation & cladding the installed equipments by stainless steel and adding the pipe lines by this aluminium sheet.
  • By providing a Visu al, Digital Display of Frying Temperature indicator at every Workstation to achieve, correct selection of raw' materials input tenmperature and time lnto the frying media and correct time removal of fried products Like - Samosa, Bhujia, Ghatla. Chana Dal, Moong Dal. Chiwda, Dankoli. Bhakharwadi. Ratlami Sev, kachori . Bhavnagri, Meth! Puri. Besan Bundi, Makai Mixture etc.
  • No pollution of flesel Flames in the manufacturing area due lo centrally generated heat outside the nianufacturing area and due to the design and quality of the insulation of the Work station there is no radiation of heat from the exterior of the Workstation to wards the operator of Workstation.

Complete Plant For Manufacturing All Kinds Of Indian Namkeens

  • 40% to 50% saving of cost of fuel as compared to traditional Bhatti method.
  • 5 to 7% savings on cost of vegetable oil.
  • Hygienic nmanu facturing setup.
  • Good shine on finished product.
  • Quantifiable installed capacity with scope of expansion.

Design & Safety:

  • Heat Transfer coil made out of Seamless Pipe Sch-40
  • Minimum Delta 'T' Across the Heating Coil
  • Robust Design offers trouble free working
  • Smokeless combustion
  • Low Flow Alarm & safety
  • Noise free working


Our Thermic Fluid Heaters and Steam Boiler has best Quality of inputs like Seamless Pipes for coil, High Tensile Fasteners, SS Reflector Shell, and other components are bought from best of the brands like Siemens, Bharat Bijlee, Finolex, English Electric, fenner, Indofoss. Thereby making these units very strong and long lasting.

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Technical Specifications

Size Of Frying Pan Vegetable Oil Capacity Finish Products Per/Hr. Capacity
18” Dia (458 Mm) 15 Litres Bikaneari Bhujia & Dankoli 32 Kg/Hr.
24” Dia (610 Mm) 24 Litres Laddu, Bundi & Ghee Sweets 30 Kg/Hr.
28” Dia (711 Mm) 30 Litres Aloo Bhujia, Tomato Bhujia, Bhavnagri, Sev Gathia, Lasun Sev, Ratlami Sev & Exttruded Besan Items 120 Kg/Hr.
30” Dia (765 Mm) 38 Litres Samosa, Halwa, Kachori 80 Kg/Hr.
32” Dia (815 Mm) 45 Litres Samosa, Kachori & Poha Chiwda 200 Kg/Hr.
36” Dia (915 Mm) 52 Litres Besan, Palak, Boondi & Agra Sev Makai Mixture Tasty 40 Kg/Hr. 200 Kg/Hr. 6 Tins.
42” Dia (1100 Mm) 70 Litres Moong, Chana Daal & Banana Wafer 60 Kg/Hr.
48” Dia (1200 90 Litres Moong, Chana Daal, Banana Wafer & Green Peas, Potato Lacha 70 Kg/Hr.
900 Mm X 1800 L 180 Litres Potato Wafer 50 Kg/Hr.
1000 Mm X 1800 L 330 Litres Potato Wafer 70 Kg/Hr.

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